9 Major Characteristics Of Good Governance

Everyone understands that the quality of work in a company depends on its management. How to recognize a quality management body, an adequate leader, with whom it will be a pleasure to work?

He inspires

You want to follow a strong leader because he knows how to inspire. Do you know what inspires you the most? When a person believes in his work and burns with it. True love for what you do is always felt and captivates us.

Keeps his word

In general, being able to keep promises is useful not only for the leader. But the higher a person is in status and the more power he has, the more important it is to be a man of his word. Once you say something, it means you have to do it.

In relationships between people, the most valuable and fragile thing is trust. A good leader knows this and strives to win the trust of his subordinates.

Doesn’t limit how the problem can be solved

By setting a task for his employee, a good leader gives him the right to solve it in the way that is convenient for him and how he knows how. This is if the result is important, not the method of execution.

The leader can recommend the best solutions and guide the subordinate if he goes in the wrong direction. But does not control every step. Too much control is just as bad as no control at all.

A good leader is part of a team

When a leader does not understand the difficulties of his employees and does not know how they live, then he cannot adequately evaluate their work. And accordingly, he cannot set tasks that are feasible for employees.

Tough but fair

A good leader is loyal to the team, but at the same time, he shows rigidity and firmness when necessary. He knows how to keep a balance, while a bad leader goes to extremes. For example, he either becomes a weak-willed mattress, who is pushed around by his subordinates, or a cruel tyrant who does not allow anyone to work normally.

Openness to change

What distinguishes a good leader from a bad one is flexible thinking and openness to change. That is, he is not afraid to change something and does not hold on to inefficient and old ways of working. If there is something that can be improved, he improves.

Dealing with mistakes appropriately

From childhood, we grow up in an environment where mistakes are made to be feared and avoided. At school, we got F’s for mistakes. But being wrong is okay. Every person makes mistakes. As they say, only those who do nothing do not make mistakes.

Calm and confident

When everyone around is panicking, one person should always remain calm and balanced, even if the same panic is going on inside. And this person is a leader.

Why? Yes, because he is in charge and he controls the situation. And the loss of control inevitably means a loss of trust among employees. Subordinates can panic. The leader is not.

He can stand behind the machine by himself

A good leader will not be squeamish and will “stand behind the machine” if required. For him, this will not be considered “humiliation”, because he was once in the same position. And he can easily give a master class to a beginner and show how to work.